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Villages to see in the Mani

Aghios Nikolaos

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Gerolimenas was built on ancient city of Ippola and in earlier times used to be one of the most important commercial ports of the Mani. Today, it is a picturesque fishing village with a handful of small houses, hotels and tavernas clustered around the arm of its natural harbour.
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Itilo lies perched on a promontory that overlooks the grand bay of Itilo and the large fortress of Kelefa. First cited by Homer, it has foundations as an ancient city. It became a major Maniot centre in the 17th-18th century when, due to its thriving slave trade, the small town was also known as "Grand Algiers".
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Originally the home of the Mavromichalis clan, Limeni is one of the most beautiful villages on the Mani Peninsula. Its picturesque bay is characterized by a beautiful harbour that has a small constellation of fishing boats, a charming row of houses and a very pretty castle that has been restored by the local council to what it looked like 200 years ago.
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Porto Kagio

Porto Kagio lies on the southeastern tip of the Mani Peninsula. It is a tiny fishing village that seems a haven from the world. At sea, this part of the Mani coastline plunges into the Inoussis Abyss, which drops to a staggering 4850 metres in depth. There are just a few rooms available for rent, a handful of tavernas that serve excellent fresh fish, a small beach and total anonymity and peace.
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Perched on the top of a hill that overlooks a picturesque bay at the southernmost point of the Mani Peninsula, Vathia is the most representative of all traditional Mani villages and an invaluable treasure of cultural heritage tracing back to the original identity of the Mani. With its cluster of squat stone towers, numerous paths and ravines, the stark romance of this mystical place is alluring.
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