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Boat rental in Greece and the Mani

The unbeatable adventure

Whether you're out to rent a small, easily-manoeuvrable motorboat for the day, or whether you're interested in hiring a little sailboat and skipper to tour the coast of the Mani for a week, nothing beats the adventurous spirit of boating in Greece: sparkling seas, quiet coves and beautiful bays all await discovery... And seeing these wonderful landscapes from the sea is an experience which we absolutely recommend. The coastal waters of the Messinian Gulf are very safe and easy to navigate, and renting a nice outboard with a 2-stroke engine and sun tent (for up to 4 people) for an hour, or even for the day, isn't expensive and doesn't require a special license. It's a fun way to spend an afternoon and a great way to discover the exceptional beauty of the Mani. Most boat rental companies are very professional, their boats are usually in excellent condition, and – unless you're headed for the windswept waters of Tenaro – the seas are normally very placid (hardly ever over 4 Beauforts during the summer months). Greek skippers are considered amongst the best in the world, so you can rest assured that you're in excellent hands if you're thinking of hiring a small motor-yacht or sailing boat for a week's cruising along the southern Peloponnese coast. This currently very trendy Onassis-style indulgence doesn't cost a fortune – especially if you're a party of at least 4 adults – and it is an experience well worth doing at least once in a lifetime. Up the ante: organize a cruise with your friends and make your way down to the Mani in grand style!

Boat rental in the Mani

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