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Boat rental      
Kardamili, 24022 Messinia, GR
Tel: (+30) 27210 73653
Mob: (+30) 694 544 0083
E-mail: contact form
• Monday-Sunday: 9.00-21.00

Enjoy the best beaches in the Mani... by boat!

Visit the best secluded beaches and the loveliest seaside villages in the Mani by boat! During an exclusive tour you will discover fabulously special places (including remote beaches and marvellous sea caves) where you can swim, snorkel and scuba dive, as well as see splendid panoramas that can be enjoyed only from the unique vantage point of the sea. The waters here are placid, and this exceptionally sublime experience will render your holiday particularly memorable and special. Owned and managed by Christopher Papanestoras, who has a sterling reputation as a very capable, experienced and responsible mariner, Papanestoras Boat Rental & Padi Resort is based in Kardamili and, with many years' experience in boating and diving, these sea excursions (on modern sportboats) offer an idyllic experience, both for adults and for children. For diving enthusiasts, Papanestoras provides brand new equipment from Mares® and, with the expertise and guidance of highly-trained personnel, you can explore the beautiful underseas of the Mani in perfect and total safety. The Papanestoras diving center is certified by Bureau Veritas and fulfills all safety and operation regulations set by the EU. Scuba diving courses and lessons are carried out by a fully-certified and fully-insured PADI™ Instructor in confined waters (minimum age for beginners: 10 years old). Highly-recommended.


Sea tour (maximum 5 adults): € 125  
SCUBA DIVING BY BOAT Tank + weights Full equipment
1 dive: € 35 € 45
Consecutive dive: € 25 € 35
4-8 dives: € 120-200 € 160-280
Night dive: € 50 € 60
Discover Scuba Diving (beginners and young learners): € 60  
Scuba Diver: € 220  
Open Water Diver: € 400  
Enriched Air Diver: € 160  
Emergency First Response: € 160  
Advanced OW Diver: € 350  
Rescue Diver: € 350  
Deep Diver: € 280  
Specialty Diver: € 220  
Dive Master: € 550  
Mask, fins + snorkel: € 8  
Tank + weights: € 15  
Full equipment: € 30  
Tank refill: € 5  

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Kardamili, 24022 Messinia, GR
Tel: (+30) 27210 73653
Mob: (+30) 694 544 0083
E-mail: contact form

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