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Car rental in Greece and the Mani

Autonomy and convenience

If you'll be flying to Greece and you'd like to hire a car for your sojourn in the Mani, a number of alternatives are available, depending upon whether you'll be arriving at Athens, Kalamata or Araxos. If you'll be landing at Athens International Airport, do bear in mind that car lease in the capital and other cities tends to be more expensive than in the Mani (so one approach is to board a pullman or take a private taxi down to Kalamata and then arrange car rental there), but if money isn't an issue, then driving down from Athens is a perfectly good choice. If you'll be landing at Kalamata International Airport or Araxos International Airport, you can either rent a car directly at these places or, better still, book a private taxi or catch a bus/cab for the final leg of the journey and then arrange car rental at one of our local agencies. The agencies in the area all have a good selection of new vehicles available for hire, fair prices and, most importantly, can assist you without excessive delay. Regulations vary from company to company; however, in all cases, drivers require a valid driving license. A national driving license is sufficient for nationals of EU states; other nationalities should obtain an International Driving Permit. The minimum age for hiring a car ranges from 21 to 25 years. Driving styles and road conditions of course differ from country to country. The motorways in Greece are modern and many of the main roads have been recently reconstructed, but it is wise to maintain speeds well below the limit for secondary roads that have not yet been repaved – particularly as certain coastal roads have no safety barriers, others curve round very abrupt chicanes, and many main roads often pass straight through small villages. So please remember: safety first!

Car rental in the Mani

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