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Motorbike rental in Greece and the Mani

Born to be wild

Blue sky... hot sun... warm wind... and an open stretch of tarmac that unravels along a beautiful coast, right beneath your wheels – two of them. Think Easy Rider. Think The Rebels. Think freedom and fun. And if you're thinking about renting a motorbike for your forays in the Mani, you'll be glad to know the area has some good motorbike rental companies which offer a very decent selection of wheels to satisfy your spirit of adventure – from 50 cc 2-strokers to 250 cc crossbikes and 500 cc hybrid streetbikes. All you need is a valid license. This means of transportation is of course extremely convenient for the small distances between the municipal villages, especially as it never rains during summer months, but we do advise you to be careful as roads in Greece can be a little sketchy in places. So, if you're thinking of getting your motor running and heading out on the highway, think responsibly: always wear a helmet!

Motorbike rental in the Mani

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