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Private taxis in the Mani

Comfort and safety

If you'll be flying to Athens, Kalamata or Araxos and you're not keen about catching a pullman for the last leg of your trip, a feasible alternative is to book a local private taxi: a good, clean sedan with ample space and a reliable driver who has perfect knowledge of the roads, decent pit-stops and points of interest. Regular taxis in Greece are of course fine, but numerous residents and visitors who use this particular service on a regular basis recommend it as completely comfortable, safe and comparatively inexpensive – because all of the private drivers are from the area and therefore tend to take extra-special care of passengers. You can book your private taxi for both arrivals and departures and always have complete confidence that your driver will be at the scheduled rendezvous with a half-hour to spare, and will also get you to your destination in excellent time, without speeding. And don't worry about a means of getting around once you've arrived: you can either hire a car, rent a motorbike for the length of your stay, or use the local public transport network whose buses come and go on an hourly basis.

Private taxis in the Mani

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