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Public transport in the Mani

Getting around

It's quite safe to bike, hike or hitch rides from place to place in the Mani, but if you're planning extended excursions in the area, you'll find it easy and inexpensive to travel around using the local public transport network: buses come and go on an hourly basis, and a special service – the Thalassa bus – connects all the main villages in the Municipality of Lefktro to all the municipal beaches. Fares for taxis are however quite reasonable if you're considering venturing to Kalamata or Areopolis for the day. Taxi drivers in Greece used to be notorious for both their driving and overcharging, but things have changed a lot in the last few years: with European regulation firmly in place (and, more importantly, a new sense of pride and responsibility for the future of their country), Greek cab drivers nowadays are careful on the road and respectful of tourists who year after year come to the country; their vehicles are air-conditioned, well-serviced and have high standards of cleanliness. A brief note regarding tariffs: meters begin with a minimum charge, and small surcharges may be applied for call-outs to airports, bus terminals and train stations, as well as for excess luggage weight (over 10 kg). For longer distances or special excursions, you can also book private taxis.

Public transport in the Mani

Buses and taxis



Municipality of Lefktro


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