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Airlines and airports in Greece

Connectivity and convenience

Greece has 4 major airlines: Olympic Airways, Aegean Airlines, Interjet and Macedonian Airlines – all of which cover major destinations – and 78 airports, chief of which is Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos Airport). This brand new airport (which in March 2001 completely replaced operations at the Hellenikon International Airport in Glifada) today serves the capital with numerous links to the islands and other parts of the country. It is located about 20 km east of Athens (30 km by road) and is connected to the city centre by bus and railway. The Peloponnese is served by 2 international airports: Kalamata International Airport and Araxos International Airport (which is near Patras). These provide direct flights to and from major European cities and are extremely convenient for visitors who initially come the Mani for limited periods of time.

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