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Buses and terminals in Greece

Air-conditioned relaxation

Long-distance buses in Greece are generally excellent, so if you're considering boarding one to get to the Mani, rest assured that your journey will be quite stress-free. Intercity road transport in Greece was organized when individual companies operating in separate regions joined forces to form KTEL (Hellenic Association of Bus Operators). Today, each area has its own KTEL service, with KTEL carrying 80% of the intercity public transport of the country. All coaches are modern (they have air-conditioning and serve destinations with great comfort and safety) and the network of terminals that serve the country is extensive and well-organized. In Athens, buses for Attica leave from Mavromati Station; buses to central Greece leave from Liossion Station; and buses to the Peloponnese and northern/western Greece leave from Kifissou Station. Many visitors use this convenient means of transport as an opportunity to travel without the hassle of hiring a car or worrying about parking. Seats can be reserved in advance and during the trip you'll have time to read, use a laptop or enjoy the beautiful landscapes along the way.

Greece by bus


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Public transport in the Mani


Athens (Kifissou)