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Trains and stations in Greece

Inexpensive fares and scenic rides

The OSE (Hellenic Railways Organization) is currently revitalizing its infrastructure and fleet, and its services are therefore generally slow, but Greek trains are inexpensive and fairly pleasant. If you're interested in coming to the Mani via rail, the nearest station is Kalamata, where you can then book a private taxi, catch a bus/cab or hire a car for the final leg of the journey. The KTEL bus network is of course faster, but 2nd-class rail fares are nearly 50% cheaper and trains offer a far more scenic ride. We recommend you purchase your ticket and reserve a seat ahead of time, because a 50% surcharge is added to tickets bought on board and because some lines are packed – especially during summer. A 1st-class ticket may be worth the extra cost, as seats are more comfortable and compartments less crowded; and there is sleeper service on the Athens-Thessaloniki run and on express trains: it is expensive, but worth it – provided you're prepared to share a compartment with 3 to 5 strangers. In Athens, trains to northern Greece leave from Stathmos Larissas (Larissa Station); trains to the Peloponnese leave from Stathmos Peloponnisou (Peloponnisou Station). The metro from Syntagma Square in the city centre serves both stations. The Peloponnese circuit is very scenic, and the spectacular spur between Diakofto and Kalavrita is particularly recommended for enthusiasts.

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Athens (Peloponnisou)